Benefits of working in a large law firm

As a young lawyer, or a lawyer considering a change in employer, an important question to consider is ‘what type of law firm do I want to work for?’ With so many options available, it can be a daunting decision. While entering a large law firm can be overwhelming, there are benefits to working for an established and well regarded firm.

Whether you’re looking for Singapore or Sydney legal jobs, consider the benefits of working in a large law firm when making your decision.

–          Possibility for career progression. Large law firms often have well established hierarchies and clearly set paths for promotion. At a large law firm, you may start in an entry level position, but promotions are usually internal and the possibility for career progression is high.

–          Contacts and networking opportunities. Large law firms foster an environment that is conducive to many ‘meet and greet’ opportunities, which gives their staff access to a wide variety of lawyers and industry professionals. Working for a large law firm – particularly when starting out – is a good way to build relationships with a number of other lawyers in the industry. As with many other job sectors, it can be who you know – not what you know – that propels your career.

–          Training programs for graduates. Large law firms often have well-established, well-structured and well-oiled training programs to help new lawyers make an easy transition into full time work. These programs often involve mentors and continued growth and learning opportunities.

–          Global scale. For lawyers who have their sights set on an international career, large law firms are often global in scale and thus offer the opportunity for internal relocation. For those who are currently looking for London legal jobs, for example, but are interested in working in Hong Kong legal jobs at some point, they should direct their job search at firms which have offices in both locations.

–          Pro-Bono initiatives. Due to the size and influence of a number of large law firms, they are often involved and committed to a certain number of pro-bono cases and other community initiatives. Working with a large law firm allows a lawyer to participate in such programs.

If you’re considering a change in employers or are deciding which law firms to apply to as a graduate, there are lots factors to take into account. The size of the law firm is one of the most important considerations.

Is a large law firm suited to you?


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