Guide to getting headhunted in the law industry

If you’re headhunted, it means that an employer has sought out your expertise and skills and offered you a job, usually while you are using those skills in another firm. Being headhunted can offer an enormous confidence boost, because it shows that your skills are coveted and that the successes of your career have been followed.

If you’re interested in changing jobs, or you are beginning a job search, then being headhunted can significantly simplify the process. While there is no sure-fire way to be headhunted, there are a few simple guidelines to follow to make you a more eligible and attractive candidate.

Post your CV on job boards. There are a number of job boards and websites that allow candidates to upload their CV for potential employees to access when they are looking to fill a role. By putting your CV out there, you increase the chances of employees considering you – and making the effort to contact you – about new roles. If you’re looking for Hong Kong legal jobs, for example, but are based in Sydney, then start your job search process by uploading your CV to a global legal job board, such as twosteps.

–  Network. Make a conscious effort to meet, and make a positive impression on, as many people in the legal industry as possible. Join legal associations and groups, and follow up with new contacts you make. Networking is not about being pushy or overbearing, but leaving a good impression with someone so that you may spring to mind when an appropriate job opportunity arises. Always carry business cards with you and keep those you are given.

Make yourself an expert. If you excel in a particular area of law, then you will be more highly sought after by potential employers. One way of standing out of the crowd is to write a blog, or get involved with extra activities or pro-bono work that distinguishes you from potential other candidates.

Proactively seeking to make yourself an appealing candidate will help improve your employment prospects and increase your chances of getting headhunted. Being a diligent and efficient worker and gaining yourself a positive reputation – whether you’re involved in Sydney or London legal jobs, will pique the interests of employers.


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