How to resign from your law job

No matter what circumstances surround the event, leaving a job can be a stressful and emotional experience. Whether it is making the decision to leave, your future career prospects, or the conditions under which an agreement is come to, leaving a job and starting up again somewhere new can be a daunting prospect.

The best possible outcome from a resignation is that you leave a job on good terms with your co-workers and management. It’s possible that you may work with them again in the future, so it’s better not to burn any bridges and leave on a positive note. Here is some advice on how to resign, and make the process as civil as possible.

–          Tell your boss first. If you’ve decided to leave a role, it is professional and polite to inform your boss or senior management before your co-workers. Avoid the temptation to tell even those closest to you – it’s surprising how quickly information can spread around the office rumour-mill!  Plan a face-to-face discussion with your employer, and have a well-constructed resignation letter in hand when you do so. This is a simple and stylish way of saying goodbye.

–          Be prepared for a counter offer. When you resign, be prepared for the possibility that your employer may put a counter-offer in front of you. Think about what it is that is motivating you to leave. If it’s money, and they offer to match a new salary, that may change your decision. There should be no pressure, however, to accept a counter offer. Decide what you would do in the event of being given one so that you are not caught off guard.

–          Consider other job possibilities before you resign. The ideal situation when leaving a job is to have another role lined up. If you’re thinking about resigning from your job, it can be a good idea to begin your job search (discreetly, of course) while you are still employed. If you’re working in Sydney legal jobs, for example, keep an eye on online job sites such as twosteps, which will keep you up to date with what jobs are available.

–          Leave on good terms. Make a conscious effort to leave on good terms with your company. This will help you get better references, and maintain good relationships within the industry you work in. Make sure your resignation letter is also written in a polite and thoughtful manner.

Many people stay in a job too long out of fear of the resignation process. However, when done correctly and in a polite and considerate manner, resignation can simply be the start of something new and exciting! Take the time to think about how to resign correctly simplify the process.


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