The benefits of an overseas legal career

Law is a notoriously tough industry to break into, which makes it easy for many lawyers to remain with a firm for years once they’ve secured a graduate position. It is possible, however, to have an international legal career, and there are a number of benefits to expanding your career horizons and transferring your legal skills overseas. If you’re planning your legal career, consider the benefits of living and working abroad as a lawyer.

–          Travel. If you love travelling, planning a career that involves relocating for work is a perfect way to integrate your professional and lifestyle goals. Living and working abroad is one of the best ways to experience different places and cultures. Once you’ve made the move to an overseas law firm, your employer will also consider you for other roles abroad.

–          Career advancement. Employers look favourably on candidates that are up to the challenge of moving overseas. Moving abroad for work is not always easy, however proving that you have the determination and courage to relocate will be looked at positively by employers.

–          Wider range of contacts. Living and working overseas is great way of expanding your legal contacts and relationships. By seeking a legal career in another country, you’re more likely to be approached for other international roles. If you’ve relocated for Sydney legal jobs, for example, you increase your chances of being considered for Hong Kong legal jobs when they become available.

–          Young lawyers sought for international roles. Recent studies have revealed that young lawyers – particularly those with 2-5 years experience – are in high demand, particularly in Southeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore. This presents a great opportunity to young lawyers who can travel and live abroad before the demands of family life make relocating more difficult. Young lawyers who are interested in pursuing an overseas legal career should upload their CV to global job boards such as twosteps, so that they can be considered for international roles.

Making the decision to work internationally as a lawyer can wield both professional and lifestyle benefits. When you’re planning your legal career, consider the possibility of working overseas.

Where would you like your legal career to take you?


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