Corporate law still important

Professor Richard Susskind’s book, ‘The End of Lawyers?’, sparked debate over predictions that the corporate law industry is in decline. The book claims that due to technological developments and increasing standardisation, the decline of law forms and corporate legal jobs is inevitable. Yet many experts continue to refute this viewpoint, saying that a slow change in the law industry over time is both expected and usual, and customary for all industries.

Here are a few reasons why corporate – and other – legal jobs, will continue to be in high demand.

–          Limits of technology. There are very few law firms that have not implemented technological developments and advancements into their day-to-day legal activities and practices. However experts have been quick to point out that the skill and brain power required for complicated deals and decisions can never be fully taken over by computers, so the argument of those who predict that lawyers will have to compete with technology is a limited one.

 –          Globalisation of law. As the world becomes increasingly global, so too does the legal industry. As law firms spread across national borders and more and more operate across different international offices, the importance of lawyers to handle corporate law and the intricacies of the international business world are set to grow.

 –          Corporate law most dominant. Corporate law, which governs the interactions between businesses, continues to be the most dominant arm of the law industry. With business being the foundation of a capitalist, consumer driven society, it is unlikely that the role of corporate lawyers in forming businesses, litigation, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, commercial leasing and consumer protection will become redundant.

Technological changes and standardisation across the law industry does not sound the death knell for legal jobs. Law firms, and particularly corporate law, continue to play an important role in society and business. If you’re looking for corporate law jobs, legal job boards can help you learn about what positions are available.


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