Understanding legal job boards

In the job market today, a majority of positions are advertised and filled via online job postings or job boards. If you’re new to online job hunting, however, understanding what legal job boards are and how to use them can be difficult. Here’s a guide to online job boards to help you navigate the online job market and get access to all available roles.

–          What are legal job boards? Job boards are sites that collect online job listings. Companies can pay to have their job advertisements and vacant positions hosted and listed on their site, and job seekers can access these job listings for free. Job boards are either general or specialised, meaning that they can offer listings from a broad spectrum of industries, or isolate their site to one field. Legal job boards specialise in law jobs, and offer listings of vacant positions from a number of firms.

–          Resume posting. Most legal job boards allow job seekers to upload their resume onto their database, which can then be accessed by prospective employers. This a great way to get your name out there and be open and available to a number of jobs even if you are not actively pursuing a new role.

–          International & local. Job boards can be local, national or international in scope. If you’re looking for law jobs in London, for example, you may find listings on London legal boards, or on international sites such as twosteps.com. Often jobs that are advertised on international legal job boards will be receptive to foreign candidates.

–          Different to recruiters. Not all job boards are created equal. Some recruitment companies exploit candidates by posting “fake jobs” in order to build their database. Meanwhile, specialised job boards like twosteps, ensure their listings are direct from the employer. When it comes to legal recruitment on twosteps, there is no middle man between you and your employer making the process easy and cost free for job seekers.  

If you’re looking for a new legal job then make the most of online listings on legal job boards. Once on these sites, you can narrow down your search to suit your location and area of specialisation, and get a good grasp of the legal job market you are facing.


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