What to do after your legal job interview

When you leave a legal job interview, you may sigh with relief. But even though the interview is over, the job search process is not. There is lots of conflicting advice on post-interview protocol, but here are some suggestions to ensure that the employer knows that you are interested and that you are the best candidate for the job (without being pushy, of course!).

–          Follow up e-mail. At the end of an interview, make sure that you always get the correct names and the contact details of all that are interviewing you. Then, on the day of the interview, send a brief thank-you e-mail. In the e-mail, thank them for their time, briefly outline your credentials and why you are suited for the role. Finish the e-mail by telling them when you will follow up with a phone call (usually, it is safe to give a week). Sending a follow up e-mail will assure the interviewer that you want the job.

–          Always have voicemail. We don’t always have our phones on us, nor can we always answer them (especially if we are still working at a job while applying for another). It is important, therefore, to have a professional voicemail message that prospective employers getting in contact with you can leave a message at. If they have to chase you and call you repeatedly, it is more work for them and you become a less attractive candidate. Always return voicemail messages as soon as you can.

–          Prepare your referees. No matter what law jobs you are applying for, it is likely that your interviewer will call your referees. After the interview, have them prepared for the call. E-mail referees the job spec and let them know that they should expect a call. You don’t want them to be caught off guard.

–          Follow-up call. Make sure that you follow up with the call on the day you said you would. Try and avoid calling first thing in the morning, right after lunch or just before home time, as these are times of the day when your interviewer/prospective employer may not have the time to speak.

If you’ve had a phone interview, follow the same protocol as described above. Just make sure that if you’ve applied for London law jobs, for example, or any other overseas positions, you get the time difference right! Remember that your actions after the interview are just as important as your actions during, so make sure you continue to make the right impression and follow the post-interview protocol right up until you’ve got the job.

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